Summerhill is an academic review journal published twice a year (June and December). The principle feature is a rich section of reviews of important recent publications in humanities and social sciences. Articles by well known scholars and interviews with prominent intellectuals and artists add to the interest of the review for the general reader.


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Current Issue :Vol 26 No 1 (2020): Summerhill


Note from the Editor PDF
Amiya P. Sen 1


An Archetype of the Buddhist Academic Culture PDF
Anand Singh 2 -9
Analysing the Affectivity of Environmental Laws in India to the Response of Climate Change Challenges PDF
Chandreshwari Minhas 10-17
Philosophical and Moral Approaches to Inter-Religious Understanding and Religious Pluralism PDF
Sh. Rajan 18-23
Kerala Diaspora and the Emerging Role of Political Economy PDF
Joman Mathew 24-28
Analysing Human Trafficking through Rights Based Approach with Special Reference to Gonda Circus Case PDF
Om Prakash Vyas, Niharika Tiwari 29-35
Socio-Ecological Profile of Birhor Tribal Community in Eastern Chotanagpur Plateau PDF
Somnath Mukherjee 36-41
The First English Translation of Mahabharata PDF
Nandini Bhattacharya 42-49
Philosophy, Metaphysics and Ethics PDF
Amrita Tripathi 50-56
Understanding the Significance of Satyagraha in Post-Independence India PDF
Priya Sharma 57-64
Advaita Vedanta and Environmental Ethics PDF
Laxmikanta Padhi 65-70

Book Reviews

World’s Parliament of Religions 1893. Participation from the Indian Subcontinent with Photographs of the World’s Exposition PDF
Amiya P Sen 71-72
Bengal Renaissance and Western Philosophy PDF
Amiya P Sen 73-74